Inwido Compete & Incubate

Test your idea in an innovation competition based on real business needs

The business incubator Ideon Innovation in Lund and Implement Consulting Group in Copenhagen are together with Inwido launching an open innovation competition to speed up innovation within Inwidos field of business.

Everything you need to know you will find on this web site.

Inwido is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of doors and windows with a turnover of over 5 billion SEK. Every year, consumers in more than 15 markets are buying over 4 million products from Inwido. The majority – 70 percent – of Inwido sales are to the consumer market.

We’re inviting you to spend 10 creative weeks during this spring with the purpose of creating new ideas and prototypes in a number of defined themes.

In June, Inwido’s management team will select those ideas and teams they want to continue working with in the development and launch phase. Digitalization areas can be from products, services, supply-chain or sales of windows and doors – basically digitalization of any part of the life-cycle.

This is a golden opportunity to develop new services and products and with close access to their senior management team and other key resources.


You should participate if any of these apply to your current situation:

  • Offerings: Have an existing offering that can be applied to the Windows and Doors market. Have an existing Windows and Doors offering that benefits from the Digitalization of Windows and Doors.
  • Networking: Fantastic opportunity to work closely with exciting companies in and around Ideon. Inspiring speakers every Thursday and networking dinner.
  • Innovation: Want to experience firsthand the value from a quick and focused innovation effort and inspire your employees.


For more information, please contact Erik Kayser.

Or join the Inwido Compete & Incubate Innovation Challenge directly here.