And its on – 15 ideas in the air!

On March 26th we fired away our Direct Workshop and bid the first teams welcome in Inwido Compete & Incubate Innovation Challenge.

23 eager participants were registered, but when the day arrived we were 37 people crowding in Forum at Ideon in Lund. Because of this there weren’t enough seats for everyone – and we had to share the food ordered – but nevertheless the day was a huge success and no less than 15 business ideas and teams are now in the air.

During the day we worked with the challenges regarding the competition, and we also presented a few case studies to further inspire our participants. The diversity among the teams is quite high, both regarding background/personality and company size/experience.

At the end of the day every team presented their work, and it all resulted in 15 solid ideas for the competition.

Next important date is the 12th of April when we conduct our first Thursday meeting, and 26th of April when we look at the first prototypes. We will get back to you soon about the full details of these events.